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Automatic Freestyle store (buy t-shirts and other random stuff with a3s pics on)
Buy stuff... or the spabbit gets it!

DVD-like extras
Original sketches and other art
Other comics by Marc
Production pages (coming soon...ish)
Melinda Berry's nickname (coming soon...ish)

Wallpapers, icons, and avatars
Emma with original a3s background, 800x600 and 1024x768 version.
Kuro with a3s colour split background, 1024x768 version by Ven.

Fan Art and Guest Strips
The fan art section that anyone can submit to by simply sending their art to me.
The guest strips section that anyone can submit to by simply sending their art to me.

Lapin scoffing (flash file: quick mess about in Flash, just to prove Lapin does have a mouth)

Sound files
Automatic Freestyle Theme by Correlation/Ven (mp3 file: full version - 4:38 @ 4.24MB)
Automatic Freestyle Theme Remix Idea by B.Mixter (mp3 file: full version - 2:50 @ 3.89MB)
Lapin ‘epp’ing (mp3 file: just under two seconds of almost evil cuteness)
Lapin squeak ‘talking’ (mp3 file: just over two seconds of Lapin talking about pancakes)

Kiki's system files
'My Computer' icons (zip file: four ICO files of Kiki)
Kiki's Windows 95/98 bootup image ('logo.sys' that replaces the file of the same name in the C:\ folder, changing the startup screen)

Mario Kart DS decal
Kuro 32x32 pixel emblem for Mario Kart DS

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