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Automatic Freestyle meets
A3S meet collection - photos, vids, and a few details of what the forum crew get up to.
The Happy Fun Time Gallery - this gallery includes several photos from YATA meetings and other random events such as my 24th birthday, New Years Eve'05, and our Maple Story Winter-een-mas mission.

Comic Conventions

UK Web and Mini Comix Thing 2005 - report with photos, tons of web comic links, and a mini video.

Anime Conventions
Ayacon 5 (2005) - 4 page report, with photos & mini vids.
Minamicon XI (2005) - report by Tiggs on the Southampton convention, with photos.
Amecon 2004
- 5 page report on the Leicester anime convention, includes photos and comic comp entries.

SCA events
Midsummer Coronation - 2005 event reports and info along with photos and mini videos.
Protectors - 2005 event reports and info along with photos and mini videos.
12th Night - collection of photos and a quick report at an SCA 2005 event in England.
Viceroy III - collection of photos and mini videos I took at an SCA 2004 event in Edinburgh.

Freestyle manga portrait drawing - the 30 minute micro-tech I taught at college in Dec 2004.

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