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[094 - 2000] Shiro’s rescue attempt
[094 - 2000] Shiro’s rescue attempt

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24th, December, 2010

Incoherent Babbling
[094 - 2000] Shiro’s rescue attempt

Comic chat
The second part to one of the supermarket receipt sketches. Our own till-tab from the forums has actually seen said receipt and, despite the scribble, it gave her a laugh so hopefully others will be amused by Shiro’s fate (and the stupid image of a spabbit with two devbat tails coming out of it’s mouth). As with most of this comic, it’s funnier when read directly after the previous page… yeah, sorry for taking so long between pages again.
Poor Shiro, he’s such a goody-goody that he even tries to save the villainous Kuro. Lapin of course is completely neutral in nature, he’s just testing to see if stuff tastes nice – spabbits are pretty much hungry all the time.
First use of a new scanner/printer this comic, it picked up every little grain of paper pulp and speck of dust going… might revert to my old scanner for ease.

Stuff and things
Have been mostly miffed off with myself since I last typed here – I didn’t get a comic done for ages, can’t increase my artistic skills to contribute better to HDCB, got very ill again, and various other things. Blah!
Had a chilled holiday visiting a friend in South Carolina but a week after returning I developed tendonitis in my right wrist, something that has delayed or put a stop to most my drawing or PC work. My video projects where also put on hold due to technical difficulties, but I think I’ve solved them now so I’ll work on them when I get time.
I’ve recently applied for and got my visa for Japan so I’ll be heading off there in March for around seven month, w00p-w00p!
For now I’m trying to sort out and continue on with lotsa random things after work hours, and the year continues to whizz by. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope that 2011 is awesome to you all ^_^

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