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[031 - 2001] That spell
[031 - 2001] That spell

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12th, October, 2004

Incoherent Babbling
[031 - 2001] That spell

Comic chat
Look! Some sort of formatting for the incoherence babbling, now itís easier to find the part ya not interested in reading. Iíve always tried to keep a3s related material at the top and then bang on about my real life junk at the bottom.
Concerning todayís comic, you who hath watched the mighty anime of Slayers, will like this one (I hope). Those that have not seen itÖ should. Itís a great anime, so funky in fact, that I brought all three box sets of the TV seriesí after seeing most of series 1 and 2 on fansub.
I noticed a while ago (after checking my own timeline for a3s which Iíll post up soon) that the last few comics (the anime club ones) were a year too early. So Iíve changed them from 2000 to 2001 as I didnít start the anime club in real life until my second year at university. The only actual comic change (bar the titles) happened to comic 028 which had a year tag added to the top right corner. Would have been in the top left as normal but it would have covered some text. Although it may seem from the previous comic (027 set in 2000) that it follows straight on (due to what Steveís saying in 028) it doesnít have to at all, there were countless other boring lectures, hee. Itís also similar to the first few comics where Marc and Jeth link to the next by saying Emmaís at the uni bar, which she is, but then the story jumps to her being at the bar in a different year. See? Easy. Now you know why this comic was originally going to be called ĎUltra Mix Up!í ^__^

Stuff and things
Whoa man, Iíve been busy. Seriously, this isnít on, the heck am I busy for? Iím not getting time to play on my console games or anything. Itís like, wake up, go to work, get back, scoff food, bath, bit of free time to squish in countless objectives, then go back to sleep. I donít like being too busy reallyÖ
My upcoming wannabe manga production has officially reached 5% complete, I figure this as Iíve spent about two weeks typing out the plot and plans, and now Iím just tidying it up. I only have the first page drawn out in rough, Iím gonna go do proper character designs and then start on with it all as soon as I can. More on this later.
College this past Monday went quite well. The teacher was impressed (and surprised) that my group and I did such a top job of actually drafting-out content and lesson planning schemes for the imaginary ĎCity & Guilds 666: World Domination courseí mentioned last week. *waves to Martin if heís reading this* Told ya not to worry dude ^_^

Current track: Green Day Ė Basket Case
Current anime: Azumanga Daioh

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