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[001 - 2003] Work to do
[001 - 2003] Work to do

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16th, May, 2003

Incoherent Babbling
[001 - 2003] Work to do
Oh sweet! After endless hours of messing around with PHP code and HTML, the comic upload and achieve system works! You’d be surprised at all the things that can cock-up when developing stuff like this.

I went through several variations of what the characters said in this comic but I still wondered if the ‘joke’ could have been told better. I asked my house/classmate Ven to give it a read through, it made him chuckle a bit so I guess I didn’t do too bad. After asking for any suggestions he recommend a simple swear word that Marc could say at the bottom there instead of the ‘speechless’ bubble. I have to admit it was funny for the situation, but as it’s the first comic and I’m trying to get readers of all ages I decided not too. I remember once that I had to re-edit an original film trailer I had made in A-level media studies because of one cuss (guess it made sense as it was a film trailer but everyone thought it worked so well with the rest of it, it was mostly hidden). My random ‘excuse’ to Ven came along the lines of; “Even when it's been quite tasteful I've always been marked down for swearing.” He said that in the two and a half years he’s known me, that was the most bizarre thing he’s ever heard me say. He demanded that it be placed here, heh. I’ll try to come up with something even more bizarre later.

Took me nearly 30 minutes finding a font that I thought reflected Kuro and Shiro’s voices. Note they don’t use speech bubbles or uppercase letters, they’re weird little things. Also don’t worry; there will be actual backgrounds in the next comic.

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