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[000 - 2003] The first cover page
[000 - 2003] The first cover page

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15th, May, 2003

Incoherent Babbling
[000 - 2003] The first cover page
Hi there! Welcome to Automatic Freestyle, the not-so-brilliant online manga/comic from the pen and PC of Marc Brownett. There, intro over. If you want to know anymore on why and how I got this web-comic up and running then check out the stuff page.

This cover page is probably the most colourful you’ll see in the actual comic as the rest will be greyscale and therefore smaller in file size. I’m trying to convey the overall style that the comic will have; clean and complete, but at the same time purposely rough and sketchy. The gutters in the background were a last minute idea to give a better impression that the characters were being sucked into the computer world, or rather off the page and onto the world wide web. The cover also gives a preview of the main characters. You can find out more about them on the profiles page, although you’ll get a better impression of each of them from reading the actual comics when I get them uploaded.

If the system I’m working on is successful then the first ‘page’ of the comic should appear tomorrow. Enjoy!

Automatic Freestyle - copyright © 1993 - 2010 Marc Brownett. All rights reserved.
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